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AFTERMEATS is a plant-based meat manufacturer located in Singapore. Utilizing Japanese technology, we crafted a high-quality meat alternative with a minced meat-like texture that still remains juicy, savoury and packed with tons of flavour. It is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, artificial flavour enhancers, refined sugars and nasty fillers — everyone and anyone can happily enjoy our product! Paired with our allium free sauces, making aftermeats the perfect addition to any dish. Embrace a guilt-free, satisfying tasty experience while we redefine the future of plant-based meat for everyone to enjoy!

Our belief is that we can create sustainable and delicious vegan alternatives that not only promote kindness towards animals and the environment, but also surpass the taste and protein content of real meat.


Our ultimate goal is to create a better future for generations to come!

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